How Docetaxel Works

How Docetaxel Works: Cancerous tumors are characterized by cell division, which is no longer controlled as it is in normal tissue. “Normal” cells stop dividing when they come into contact with like cells, a mechanism known as contact inhibition.  Cancerous cells lose this ability.  Cancer cells no longer have the Read more…

Cancer Incidence and Mortality Across Regions (CIMAR) books

The Cancer Incidence and Mortality Across Regions (CIMAR) books are Excel workbooks that present cancer incidence and mortality statistics (counts, populations, crude rates, age-standardised rates and rate ratios) for selected cancers across various geographical areas.

Prostate cancer in Australia

This is the first comprehensive national report on prostate cancer in Australia. It presents an overview of the condition and analysis of key summary measures including incidence, mortality and survival. ISSN: 1039-3307 ISBN: 978-1-74249-508-8 Cat. no: CAN 76

Cancer in Australia 2019

In 2019, the rate of new cancer cases in Australia is expected to reach 483 new cases per 100,000 people, while cancer-related deaths are expected to decrease to 159 per 100,000 people. From 1982 to 2019, thyroid cancer and liver cancer incidence rates increased more than for any other cancer. Read more…

Spanner in the Works?

Here is a guide put together by the Men’s Shed on men’s health Spanner in the Works? is a comprehensive men’s health promotion toolkit, designed to guide anyone with a passion for promoting men’s health and wellbeing. The toolkit has been developed by Healthy Male and the Australian Men’s Shed Read more…