The first time that I visited the Urologist I was told that I probably had about one year to live.
On to the Oncologist, from memory he said that I had a good chance, 85% of surviving Prostate Cancer.
So do I do chemo or not. The recovery figures look pretty good. OK I’ll take there advise.
Now I’m doing chemo.
The first session does not seem to bad. I try and get some things organised to help me manage the next six months. I buy a TV for the bedroom. I spend two months trying to arrange meals on wheels (what a pain, contact here, contact there. In the end the local GP arranged it after I told her how frustrated I became).
I’m told I will feel really weak and spend a lot of time in bed.
I found out that for me the first dose is a lite dose and the second a little stronger (this was the case for me).
Well chemo hit me bad I ended up bed ridden for six months sleeping around 20 – 22 hours a day. Nearly all this time I was unable to walk the 15-20 steps from the bedroom to the lounge room. So I’m very glad that I got a TV for the bedroom at the very start when I was warned.
So here I am my last chemo session due today, the corona virus has just started to hit the Victorian population, I’m as weak as a new born, I discuss my thoughts with the Oncologist before the last chemo session. As my PSA levels are down and I react so badly with chemo (I need an extra seven drugs as well as the Docetaxel to manage). I said as I have no (highly impacted) immune system because of the chemo and with this corona virus here I would like to miss this last chemo session to allow my system as much time to rebuild as possible. He agreed.
Your immune system will recover to approximately 46% one year after your last chemo session. A full recovery of your immunity system to where it was before you started chemo will take around three years.
You need to take care of your self, as you will be vulnerable.
I had a few grey hairs before chemo, lost most of my hair everywhere. When my hair started to grow back on my head it’s all grey/white and curly (wtf), so expect anything to happen to your hair.

It’s now May 2021. I felt that I slept through 2020.
The outcome from the Chemo is that my PSA level has been stable at 0.1 and after discussion with Oncologist I will be stopping the Zoladez implant.