After finding out I was not the only person that was ignorant of prostate cancer and it’s symptoms.

I thought to myself, why don’t I know more about this as it affects such a large percentage of men. I started looking into all the prostate cancer organisations. Why is it that everybody you speak to from to age of 5 knows about breast cancer, but not prostate cancer. After contacting most of these organisations the answer became clear, the money raised by these organisations is feed into research.

Statistically the people in the outback, have the worse survival rate for prostate cancer. This will be because of a number of reasons, timely access to medical facilities, specialist and treatments.

I would also suggest a lack of knowledge on this topic and a work ethic that I can’t just take time off to go down to the doc’s I’ve go to much to do. Along with the generation on generation ethos that I’m the man of the house the bread winner, I have to do everything or I have failed mentality. I work hard I play hard. I’ll go to the Doc’s when it needs stitching back on if I didn’t do it already.

After identifying this group that I believe could benefit from further prostate cancer awareness.

I thought I would see if I could take on the challenge and bring to the bush awareness of prostate cancer.

So I started to plan what would be required for such an endeavour.