How do you start a plan, to raise awareness of prostate cancer across Australia?

Where should I start, do I do this by myself, if not what organisations/people/groups/sponsor’s, where can I get help from?

Do people actually want this? A need and want are two different things?

Do I need to be a Not For Profit (NFR) organisation? What type of NFR organisation best suits? Is it worth the trouble going for a health promotion charity 1.

How do I manage social media/media, to get best coverage for this? Do I need equipment for this? What equipment would be best for this?

How, where do I deliver “awareness of prostate cancer” to the outback of Australia, do I bring this to the larger regional centres, small towns, cattle stations, etc?

How long can I do this for, do I do this 3 months at a time, 1 year full time, 3 years full time?

Raising money for expenses. How? Sponsors? Government grant? Philanthropic organisations?

How do I develop a business plan to show Sponsors? Government grant? Philanthropic organisations?

What licences do I require or permits?

What equipment do I need to do this?

What communications equipment do I need, also safety rescue communications equipment?

What is this going to cost? How do I break down expenses? Sponsors require a ROI, how do I demonstrate valve for money?

What am I going to live in, while travelling?

How will covid-19 affect any or all of this?

What other questions have I missed, as this is getting longer and longer.

But you have to start somewhere. A journey starts with a single step.

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